Off to a slow start…

So I know I started off the year with a Julie Powell-esque goal to recreate every recipe in Little Paris Kitchen by year’s end (which I still fully intend to do) but, I have been without camera and  I feel like describing an incredible meal  in a multitude of words would never make up for the lack of visual. We all know we 50% eat with our eyes so I can’t ignore that factor. That being said, I have finally come into possession of a camera that will suffice for the time being and also have the help of a willing friend and neighbour who will gladly lend her appetite and photography skills when need be. And need them tonight I will! There is a dough base fermenting in the kitchen that will soon be transformed into a magical olive loaf. Can’t wait to actually get the ball rolling!
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Will be back shortly with some tasty olive bread for you to feast your eyes on!