The Price You Pay For Cheap Rent

When I was apartment hunting this winter, I decided to step out on my own. No more roommates–which ultimately meant no more cheap rent (which isn’t really something you find in Toronto anyway). I thought to myself, “I can do this. I’ll just live in a shabby place for a while until I can afford something better.”
Truthfully, my place is quite lovely. There have been a few occurrences that have left my blood a little boiled, but for the most part I’m pretty happy here.

There is one thing, though, that just won’t do. Old radiators. They have this charm that an electric heater or vent heating can’t replace. But, they don’t quite radiate heat properly (dare I say, even at all in my case) which lead me to the disappointing discovery of not really being able to make a killer loaf of bread in the colder seasons.

Like that will stop me from trying.

I’ve been hooked on Mabel’s olive loaf for quite some time now. I’ve even gotten to the point of guiltily devouring a whole loaf in one sitting. The one thing that gets me about this loaf, and any olive loaf for that matter, is that there are never enough olives to satisfy my olivey desires. So make my own I shall with help from Rachel Khoo and her Pain Brié recipe (which was actually gifted from Gontran Cherrier) in The Little Paris Kitchen.

It was tricky getting the bread to rise because of the frigid temperatures in my ice palace but I managed to get it to rise enough. I didn’t turn out as well as I had intended but it was still delicious and definitely had enough olives (even though next time I will add more). I even managed to resist eating the whole loaf to make an utterly scrumptious savoury french toast for myself in the morning with slow roasted heirloom baby tomatoes and a balsamic reduction.

olive bread olive bite

Writing this post makes me want to try another batch. I think I might have to visit my friend, McCall, down the hall and use her warm apartment for a more successful attempt. Who can say no to a friend who shows up with a bottle of wine and the offer of freshly baked goods? I sure wouldn’t!

Until next time,